Are you anxious? worry? restlessness? Feeling of crying? Sadness? Alone? Meaninglessness? Purposeless? Empty? Confuse about your destination? Anxious to meet new people? Anxious go to new places? Confuse about your education what to do? Confuse about your career? Anxious about class room presentation? Difficult to choose what is right or wrong for you? Stuck with thoughts? Unwanted thoughts? Difficulty to concentrate on things? Need for self-approval? Need for reassurance from others? Negative thoughts about self, other and world? Finding yourself in circle? Not getting a right path? Difficulty to make decision? Feeling of control by others? Lack of control? Relationship conflict? Workplace problem? Marital problem? Family conflicts? Painful Childhood? Painful memories? Lonely Parent? Fear of unknown? Concern about your children? Lack of appetite? Feeling judge by others? Feeling corner? Sleep Problem? Headache? Heaviness in your body? Helplessness? Nightmares? Any fears such as travelling, injections, animals, pain, blood etc? Living with physical illness? Questions about self-identity? Questions about existence? Questions about world? Hopelessness about future? Stuck in your past? Wants smoking cessations and get rid from drugs? In crisis? If you want to understand why do you experience these problems? Want to get rid of these problems? Then you are in right place. ‘Connect with Mind’ help you to understand your dilemmas, as well as explore the things and help you to get out from this suffering. Are you Breadwinner in your family? Just take respite and think about yourself? Is it really you want? Counselling can help you to live your life, alongside to fulfil your family responsibility.Do you need Counselling? Not sure? Then think about such as are you satisfied with your life? Are you living your life in your own way? Is there any guilt? Regret? Restlessness? Is it what you are doing you want to do? Are you escaping from reality? Any secrets that you want to share but could not do with your family, friends etc? Any burden that wants to get rid? Then contact to me.

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My mission is to help "Way of Being rather than doing."
I believe when we are just focusing on "Doing" rather than "Being".
It makes us tiredness, not only physically but also mentally.
Then these mentally tiredness come out in form of physical symptoms such as
headache, nausea, vomiting, body pain, heart racing, heart sinking, abdominal distress,
legs pain, sleeping problems, nightmares, stomach problems etc.
I help you to rebuild your resilience to encounter with life experiences.

My missions are to listen my clients, giving value and be genuine with them and support
and respect their thoughts, emotions, attitudes, beliefs and cultures as well as empowering my clients how they live and recover.
Here are my favorite quotes:
"All actual life is encounter (Buber 1923:62)"
"My body is a chiasm: it doubles up as inside hollow, invisible, and outside, extension, visible. It is ambiguity-flesh".
(Merleau-Ponty 1968:266)

Area of Working


I provide Counselling and Psychotherapy services in West London. I am not limited to face to face counselling, I offer telephone counselling, Skype counselling, face-time counselling and face to face counselling. It means, my help for you is not limited to people around my area, rather, I am available for anyone regardless of their time and place. I understand importance of online counselling, because I know today in busied world, it is very hard to travel but not difficult to access internet world. Online counselling is suitable for people those who have travel anxiety, and especially people with physical health issues and restricted movements and dependent on others for travel. Online counselling is also suitable for people who have limited earning, so they can save their travel budgets as well as for those who are very busy in their professional life, and have not time to extra travel. They can connect to me through online counselling.

    Face to Face Counselling

    Skype Counselling

    Face Time Counselling

    Telephone Counselling

    Intensive Counselling

I offer intensive counselling. It means that you are not in good mood, or having stress or feeling low for a short time, and want that someone just listen to you without judging you and need someone to stay with you on particular moment instead of to seek counselling for short or long term. It means you have one intense session either in phone or face to face. The length of Intensive session varies according to your need but would not exceed to 90 minutes. With Intensive counselling, you are not bounding with time. Intensive counselling is more suitable for people who are depressed, feeling low, especially in nights or in weekends, bank holidays. Intensive counselling does not include any assessments. It just stays with your relevant (current) issues. For more information, Please refer to contact page. Language: I can offer counselling in different languages such English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi. For more information and maps of the locations please see my Contact page.


A free of charge telephone consultation (max 15 minutes) is offered prior to booking your assessment. Initial assessments usually last from 60 to 120 min, therefore they are charged at a different rate from a standard treatment session. This is currently £50 for assessment

    Face to Face Session:£45 per session

    Telephone Session:£35 per session

    Skype Session:£35 per session

Payment can be made by cash payment or Paypal payment. Reduced feed can be offered to clients with disability allowance, or ESA supports.

Intensive Counselling

    Telephone or Skype Counselling: £10 for 15 minutes

    Face to Face Counselling: £15 for 15 minutes

In telephone/Skype Intensive counselling, you will need to make payment first after 15 minutes, and then we will rejoin session after making payment for first 15 minutes.
In face to face Intensive counselling, you can make one-off payment after end on session.
I can offer discounts if you pay for block of 10 sessions in advance. Please contact me to discuss this further.

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